Discover Yunlin | The ULTIMATE guidebook from past Fulbright Yunlin County ETAs

You just found out that you’ve been placed in Yunlin County and you’re struggling to find English-language resources for everyday necessities. Don’t fret! The 2019-20 Yunlin County ETAs got your back!

Compiled by Linda Li, 2019-20 Yunlin ETA based in Huwei, the 2019-20 Yunlin County ETAs have created an interactive map and companion guidebook for everything you need to know to survive in a new country and an unfamiliar setting! This is the ULTIMATE guide for you to have the best experience you can while in Yunlin.

  1. Google interactive map (click here)

In the interactive map, you can find:

  • transportation hubs (HSR/TRA train stations, bus stations)
  • restaurants
  • doctor’s offices, hospitals
  • gyms
  • Bank of Taiwan branches
  • places for shopping and entertainment
  • sightseeing attractions

2. Yunlin County ETA companion guide (click here)

Practically EVERYTHING you need to know can be found in this guide:

  • What to expect as soon as you land in Taiwan
  • How much you will pay for rent and utilities
  • Phone plans, wifi, and hotspots
  • Local customs and etiquette
  • Taiwanese trash trucks! (they play music!!)
  • Writing your address on envelopes and mail
  • Food (in restaurants and via food delivery apps)
  • Winning the lottery via store receipts!
  • Using your National Health Insurance card
  • Our favorite KTV place!
A snippet of what you’ll find in the EXTREMELY DETAILED guidebook

These two resources can be overwhelming and give you information overload if you’re not already familiar with some aspects of Taiwan. Despite COVID-19 cutting our grants short, the 2019-20 Yunlin ETAs all had great experiences discovering and sharing parts of Yunlin County with our friends and loved ones back home. We wish you the best as you embark on the next chapter of your life!


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