Gilman Blog #10 | A Day in the Life of an Ewha Exchange Student

Morning study session at the reading room – it’s always near empty if you go before 10am! Students who commute usually don’t start entering until after 11 am.

I’m sharing my daily schedule on for those curious about my student life at Ewha! For this post, I included a typical day for me on a Monday.

Wake up!

Morning homework time in the reading room of the Ewha Campus Complex (ECC)


A typical lunch at the cafeteria inside the human ecology building – cheapest cafeteria on campus (that’s available to exchange students)



11:30 am
Lunch at the cafeteria inside the Human Ecology building before class

12:30pm – 1:45pm 
Introduction to Korean Culture class –  Lecture on Korean Evangelicalism

2pm – 3:15pm
International History of East Asia class – Quiz #2 about the civil society and industrialization

3:30pm – 4:45pm
Social Problems in the Contemporary World class – Lecture on comfort women during WWII and Vietnam War


Tteok-bokki (떡볶이) dinner- totally unhealthy, but you get to choose your own ingredients and sauce! With a student discount, the meal was only 6,900 won (~$6.35 USD).


5pm – 7pm 
Getting dinner with friends

​8pm – 10pm 
Night time study session at a cafe

10:30pm – 12am 
​Back to the dorm – surf the internet and get ready for bed!

12:30 am
Good night 🙂


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