Gilman Scholar Blog #3 | 40 Things I Want To Do Before Leaving

I’m in Seoul for 4 months, so why not make the most out of my experience?

In an attempt to leave with no regrets post-study abroad, I decided to make a bucket list for my semester-long experience in Korea. In no particular order, I have listed everything that I want to do in the next few months. The list below is categorized into different sections but in no way all inclusive (I probably forgot several things). After the end of the semester, I hope do an updated version of this bucket list and see how many items I was able to check off!

Items marked with * means that I already completed it 🙂



Touristy things
1) See the night view of Seoul at Namsan Tower
2)Try on a hanbok*
3) Go to Myeongdong and buy K-beauty stuff*
4) Visit Gyungbokgung**
5) Go to the Bukchon Hanok Village
6) Take a weekend trip to Jeju Island
7) Do underground shopping in Gangnam Station
8) Visit the Starfield Library at COEX mall

Things to do
9) Try a jjimjilbang
10) Visit Seoullo 7017
11) See an arts performance
12) Walk along the Chenggyecheon Stream
13) Take a guided tour of the DMZ and Panmunjom
14) Go karaoke at the infamous Su Noraebang in Hongdae
15) Go night shopping at the Dongdaemun Market
16) Hike at Bukhansan when the leaves are changing color
17) Visit Chinatown in Incheon
18) Take a day/weekend trip to a smaller city or town

Cafe culture
19) Visit a dog cafe*
20) Visit a cat cafe
​21) Visit a raccoon cafe
22) Go to a hanok cafe
23) Visit the cafes of Garosu-gil

24) Have street food for a meal*
25) Eat at the oldest restaurant in Seoul
26) Try raw beef
27) Eat sweet potatoes in the winter
28) Try live octopus
29) Try Koreanized Chinese food

30) Seoul Museum of History
31) Korea Furniture Museum
32) National Museum of Korea*
33) National Museum of Contemporary Korean History
34) Museum Kimchikan
35) National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art Seoul*

Inner K-pop/K-drama fangirl
36) Eat at the YG Republique*
37) Visit the SM cafe
38) Take a photo at a K-drama film location
39) See a hologram K-pop concert
40) Eat at a restaurant owned by a celebrity



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