Counting Down to Thanksgiving Break

I will be staying on campus during Thanksgiving, but I’m just waiting for some of the workload and chaos to die down (I had 2 exams past Friday). The break will give me much needed time for relaxation and just some time for myself.

​Aside from that, here are some recent photos:

Spent the entire Saturday with the 11 other first-year Bonners plus Sedric and Ruth for our Bonner “retreat”. For about 6 hours, we learned about the culture and history of New Orleans to prepare for our January trip. This photo was taken during our break for brunch! It is rare to find a Bonner photo with all 12 of us! This is the 2nd one ever!

To help sponsor our January Bonner trip, the first years held the annual Bonner online auction- I sold 2 large handmade origami stars-filled holiday ornaments. Each ornament has about 150 stars. In addition, I also offered a one-hour penmanship lesson.


After the day-long Bonner retreat, Jennifer and I headed over to the concert hall and listened to the Singers in Accord concert that was guest conducted by Mac’s (and my own) choral conductor. I think we were the youngest audience members there 😀



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