Mid-semester Already?

Throwback: A photo of Jennifer and I in 30 degree weather last week


Midterms are finally over and Fall Break begins tomorrow! I can’t believe half of the semester has already past and I have survived living in Minnesota for two whole months (although the worst weather has not even begun yet…). What I have realized, though, is that I am 100% not a STEM person. I’m surviving my Calc class pretty decently so far, but I cannot say much for my Geology class (let’s just say my midterm score almost caused a stroke). My two most enjoyable classes remain my Spanish class and my FYC. I really like discussing about readings in Spanish and listening to the perspectives of others on controversial issues in my FYC.

Break time during a in-class debate. (Photo credits to Larry, our FYC class visitor)


Aside from academics, I had the honor to attend a concert that is part of the Macalester’s New Music Series. The performance, Redemption Songs and Sonatas, by Daniel Bernard Roumain and Yayoi Ikawa showed the infusion of electronic and other modern music influences with classical instruments like the violin and piano. I have always wanted to attend performances by professional musicians and I am glad that this performance exposed me to a whole different genre of music. I was surprised at the sounds that a violin could make when amplified and magnified. However, I do feel that I enjoyed the more classical (and predictable?) pieces more because of its familiarity and how the chords “just fit” together.

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