Fall Is Here!


October has arrived and with its arrival brings midterms…. I just had my Calculus midterm past Friday and I will be having my Geology exam Monday and my Spanish exam the week after. Homework levels, as well as stress levels, are at a new high and I’m just trying so hard to maintain my 8-hour long sleep each night.

Anyway, Thursday was a very, VERY busy day for me. I had work early in the morning, 2 guest speaker seminars for my FYC and my Spanish class, my actual FYC and Spanish class, and chorus rehearsal. This week, Macalester hosted the annual International Roundtable, a 4-day event filled with student-led workshops and guest speakers. This year’s theme is about America’s educational system in relation to the summer reading, Hope Against Hope. Since my FYC is about higher education, we attended the lecture by Andrew Delbanco (who also visited our class afterwards). We had just finished reading his book, College: What It Was, Is, and Should Be, and it has sparked discussion surrounding the purpose of college and the commercialization of higher education in the twenty-first century.

Aside from that lecture, I also sat in on another lecture for Spanish class. “Translating Emotions,” a lecture held entirely in Spanish by a famous radio host and author, Guillermo Fesser. He spoke about the lost emotions/expressions through the translating of languages or even the format of storytelling (ex. from book to movie). It was very difficult to understand the entire speech, but I think I got the gist of it. Plus, I got a free copy of the book with his autograph! 🙂


Here’s a copy of Guillermo Fesser’s book!


And it’s autographed!!!


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