Dorm Room Reveal

I know it took very long for me to post some pictures of my dorm room, but I didn’t finish “decorating” until the past few days, so I didn’t want to take photos before then. Some background info about my dorm life. I live in the Doty residential hall, which has single-gender floors. I have 1 roommate and we basically split the room in half. There’s a sink in our room so that’s very handy, but bathrooms are down the hall.

Here’s my closet space. Some highlights to note: my stash of food on the lower shelf on the right, my winter snow boots next to the dresser. πŸ˜€ The door to the hallway is on the right side. (My back is to the bedside of the room)


Here’s my bed! Key points- kettle, fork, and chopsticks. More food stashed on the second shelf. A lion stuffed animal on the shelf on the back wall (Ms. Little- I didn’t forget!) And the special highlight is my dorm collage!


Here’s my desk in my room. I try to keep the surface of it relatively neat and clean. I have a fan on my desk because there is no air conditioning in the residential buildings.


Here’s a close-up of my collage. I’ve included photos as far back as summer of 2010 to photos of my Bonner family here at Mac! The cropped out part of the right side of the bulletin board is a small postcard collage (shoutout to the Doris twins, Adrienne, Izzy, and Dominique) and a dry erase board. The bottom card is an early b-day card from my aunt! I’m turning 18 on October 21st (cough, cough) πŸ˜€


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