Random Tibits

Half scoop Matcha Green Tea and half scoop Coffee in a waffle cone at Grand Ole Creamery! My friend and I went early and beat the long line that formed afterwards πŸ™‚


A typical homework session: Place: 2nd floor of the Campus Center (CC) Food: free popcorn from the basement of the CC * My go-to study place for 4 hour long sessions!


Went to the state fair on Sat, Sep 5th! Ate some fried cheese curds πŸ™‚ They have so many different types of food on a stick (eg. alligator on a stick) and fried food (eg. deep fried candy bars).


The largest indoor amusement park in the world (I think…). This is Mall of America! The shops are along the perimeter of the mall (the perimeter of the mall is 1 mile) while the amusement park is in the center. The mall has 4 floors. *I bought a pair of fall boots from their DSW!


Labor Day dinner at Mall of America from Noodles & Co: Steak Stroganoff for me, shared pot stickers (right) and chicken noodle soup (left), my friend’s buttered noodles (far back)


Had the first 1st Year Bonner meeting of the year today! It was nice getting together as 11 1st years again officially! Here’s the place that we gathered in this morning: 4th floor of the Old Main building.


Labor Day morning- study session at Caribou Coffee (I ordered an iced Chai Tea Latte) because the CC wasn’t open at 8:30am.


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