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Last day of Orientation- Clan Strange!


First day of school photo! ­čśÇ


Wednesday was the first day of school… ┬áMacalester hires photographers to take 1st Day photos outside the Campus Center (we call it the CC) every year, so, of course, I went and took one with Bonner friends- see above.

Flag Bearer for the Opening Convocation!

Opening Convocation was held in the gym yesterday (Thursday) morning. Earlier in the week, I signed up to be part of the opening procession of flags in the Convocation. Of course, I choose to carry the Hong Kong flag because of my background and culture, so I took a photo to commemorate!

Credits to Bianca Gonzalez

The speaker for the Opening Convocation was James Forman Jr. Born and raised in Atlanta, he is from a family of activists for racial equality. He spoke about our country’s struggle with race relations and the biased decisions that arises when dealing with crimes. One quote that he left us all with: “We are not just changing for today. We are not just changing for tomorrow. We are changing for 10,000 years from tomorrow.” (paraphrased)

The Bonners and the Macalester chapter of Habitat for Humanity partnered up today for the annual start-of-the-year rummage sale! Half of the proceeds go towards Habitat and the other half goes to Bonner to fund our weeklong trip to New Orleans as part of our required J-Term course. Donated clothing and dorm essentials from past May were taken out of storage and laid onto tables for sale. According to the earliest estimated profits from the rummage sale, it is rumored that we have raised over $3,000 from our 8-hour long sale.

Tomorrow, a Bonner friend and I will be heading to the Minnesota State Fair (We got subsidized tickets for $2! They were originally sold for $13!). I’m excited to try all the interesting foods and watch some entertainment. I have never been to a fair so I’m really looking forward to tomorrow! I will try to take a bunch of pictures! ­čÖé

And if anyone’s feeling generous and want to send me anything (letter, gift, food, anything!), here’s my address (we don’t need to include our box numbers):

Rachel Wong
1600 Grand Ave
Saint Paul, MN 55105



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