Last Minute

                                     Just need to wait for some of my clothes to dry to finish packing!

Time is flying by like crazy and I’m still in denial that I will be an official college student in less than 24 hours.

Actually, Orientation doesn’t begin until this Thursday, but I became part of something called the Bonner program, which admits 12 first-years each year to the civic leadership program. During Monday (tomorrow!) to Wednesday, I will be doing everything you can imagine in the Bonner pre-orientation: moving in, touring the city, filling out student employment forms, going on the Bonner overnight retreat, eating out, and hopefully making some new friends!

I will be flying to the Twin Cities tomorrow by myself bringing 2 checked bags (the purple duffel and the open suitcase on the left in the photo) first. My mom will join me at Macalester on Thursday with another 2 bags (the 2 upright suitcases on the right) to help with moving in. She’ll be staying at the nearby Holiday Inn for a few days and attend some of the seminars for parents during Orientation.

Although I can’t deny being excited for a new chapter in my life, I get a tiny pang of sadness sometimes when I think about not being back home until December. I have been to 7 different schools and have adjusted perfectly to each of them, but I still often wonder if I can make Macalester my home and adjust to the new environment. Let me just try to list everything I am feeling: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, nervousness, anxiety, optimism, fear, hope, independence… ( <– most likely in the order of importance)

I’m not exactly sure how my schedule will be this upcoming week, so if I do make updates, they might be a collection of photos or short posts.



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