Packing My Life

I don’t think I can be any more wrong when I thought that I could fit my life into 3 checked bags. Now that I really need to pick up the pace for college preparations, I  realized that I can barely fit my necessities in suitcases (I have already ordered other things online via Amazon and shipped 4-5 boxes to Macalester). Moral of the story: my life cannot be packed into just 3 checked bags (It’s more like 3 checked bags, 3-4 large Amazon boxes, and other shipments from Staples and Target).

The 3 checked bags and carry-on sit in the living room currently. One filled with bedding and towels, another with clothing and shoes, and another with room decorations and school supplies. Summer clothing, skincare, and my electronics are the only things that are left for me to pack now. My biggest concern is the weight of the luggage. I’m pretty sure one of them will be checked as an overweight bag at the airport 🙁 I will post some pictures of my luggage soon!

In other news, I have received notice of my dorm room. My dorm is located on the 5th floor of Doty and I’m pretty sure they don’t have an elevator. Move-in day is going to be very interesting. Anyway, my dorm is a double and I will be sharing the room with my roommate Mia, who’s from Oregon. I hope that both of us will get along well and maybe even become good friends.



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