When You Know Summer Is Ending

After receiving a copy of Hope Against Hope, the school-wide summer reading book, in June, I have been procrastinating. The book is rather interesting; it discusses the New Orleans School System post-Katrina. It follows a high school student, principal, and a new teacher at 3 different schools. Maybe it’s because it’s classified as a nonfiction book or maybe it’s because I feel that I need to annotate the book, I just can’t bring myself to read more than 50 pages in one sitting. Thankfully, I have begun to read about 30-40 pages each day so, hopefully, I’ll finish soon…*crosses fingers*

Hope Against Hope by Sarah Carr

Aside from summer reading, I received my first homework reading assignment. In my First Year Course (FYC), which is Civic Ideals and Higher Education in America (it’s basically a class that talks about the educational system in America), my professor assigned a 25-page reading assignment about value-added colleges. It was a bit difficult to comprehend, but I’m hoping that I understood enough to participate in the class discussion.

I’m still in disbelief that I will be flying to Minnesota in 10 days.



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