Snapshots of Campus

Lower Level of Library- 1 — There are 4 levels to the library, with the noise level decreasing each level. I have never been up to the 4th floor; I generally spend my time in the library in the lower level (basement).


Lower Level of Library- 2 — It’s always super quiet in the library; I get intimidated by all the studious people in there sometimes. However, this is usually where I go print out all of my readings and papers for class (see printer in background on right).


2nd floor Conference room of the Campus Center (CC)- It’s a great quiet place to study all day! I really love the large windows and I get to spread out all of my work on the table. Plus, the CC is open everyday until 1am.


70 cent wing Tuesdays at Buffalo Wild Wings means that the Bonner crew will be there! All of us ate a total of 92 wings as a late night snack past Tuesday night πŸ™‚ The outing was also a birthday celebration for fellow Bonners, Austin and Jessica (both wearing paper hats)! Here a photo of us after the food fest in our signature “squad” pose.


I have a bread obsession. Having a bakery across the street from campus is not helping. I bought an entire loaf of Italian bread from Breadsmith yesterday morning and 5 hours later, I already ate one-third of it. I’m hoping to try their apple cinnamon bread next time!


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